January 10th: Important Gala Update

70 Showstopping Years

A huge thanks to everyone who came along to the Talk-in on Thursday – it was a really exciting start to the production!

There were lots of questions about how it will all work – so this email is designed to give you a fuller overview of the Gala.  If you still have questions, please email the Creative Team directly (details below) and they will do their best to clarify things further.


The auditions are taking place on Sunday 24 Januaryfrom 12pm to 6pm at St John’s Church in Kidlington.  If you are unable to attend then, there will be an opportunity to audition on Thursday 21 January.  Please indicate clearly when you are signing up that you will be auditioning on the Thursday.

The deadline for signing up to audition is the end of the break on Tuesday 19 January.  The same deadline applies if you wish to be one of the two membership representatives on the audition panel.

Audition Music and Preparation

For the auditions, you can sing up to 2 of the songs from the list below.  You are free to choose things from outside your normal vocal range – however please remember to pick music that you can really perform to the best of your ability.

There will be 2 Audition Preparation rehearsals – both at St Clements

Tuesday 12 January – 7.30 to 8.45 – Women, 8.45 to 10 – Men
Tuesday 19 January – 7.30 – 8.45 – Men, 8.45 to 10 – Women

Green Finch and Linnet BirdSweeney Todd
If I Loved YouCarousel
Poor Wand’ring OneThe Pirates of Penzance

Hearts Do Not BreakThe Mikado
Not For The Life of MeThoroughly Modern Millie
I’m Just a Girl Who Can’t Say NoOklahoma!

Take a Pair of Sparkling EyesThe Gondoliers
Heaven on Their MindsJesus Christ Superstar
On the Street Where You LiveMy Fair Lady

CoolWest Side Story
Toreador’s SongCarmen
Some Enchanted EveningSouth Pacific

Explanatory Notes

You can download the music by clicking on the relevant titles.  There are also some explanatorynotes available to download.


The Gala is our show for the first half of 2016 and we want everyone to be fully involved – just as you would be if we were staging a traditional musical.  However we appreciate thatt here will be a small number of people who will have significant commitments that may require them to ask for a lower level of involvement.  If this applies to you, please contact the Creative Team who will work with you on an individual basis to find a workable solution.

Remember that the more people who are involved, the more evenly the workload will be spread!


Many people said that they would like a copy of the programme – your wish is our command!



As we explained on Thursday, we are not in a position to give a fully detailed rehearsal schedule at this stage.  This will follow after the casting is complete and we can adjust things to reflect the known availabilities of everyone involved.

We do appreciate that people need to plan their lives and so you can download the outline schedule – which will give you the general shape of how things will work.


Please note that Tuesday rehearsals (from 26 Januaryonwards) will take place at The Batt School in Witney.  Lift-sharing can be arranged for those who need help getting there.

Thursdays will continue to be at St Clement’s Family Centre!

Dress Rehearsal – Friday 27 May

As you will see from the Schedule, and as we explained at the Talk-In, the tech and dress rehearsal will take place on the afternoon on Friday 27 May at the New Theatre.

The schedule for that day is as follows

0700 – 1200 – Set-Up
1200 – 1300 – Tech work
1300 – 1800 – Rehearsal
1930 – 2200 – Performance

So we will be calling the cast to be ready to go on stage at 1pm.  There will be those who can’t get time off work for this – and that should not be a barrier to you being involved in the Gala.  Talk to the Creative team and we should be able to find a solution.

Creative Team Contact Details

Chris Payne – chrismpayne1@gmail.com
Frankie Alexandra – frankie.alexandra@hotmail.co.uk07757 109331
Simon Tavener – simon.tavener@gmail.com07973 636844

Absentee Policy

Known absences (up to 24hrs before)
If a member cannot make a rehearsal they are called to they should notify the membership secretary by email or phone call/text.  Membership Secretary will provide contact details via membership email and by placing on the committee notice board displayed at rehearsals.  If a member lets the production team know they’ll be missing a rehearsal(s) they should thank the member for the information but also remind the member to contact the Membership Secretary so that registers can be filled in.  When absences are know they must be placed in the absence book.  The Membership Secretary is responsible for the absence book but should update the production team on all known absences.

Last Minute Abscenes (less than 24 hours notice)
If a member cannot make a rehearsal at short notice, please contact the relevant member of the Creative Team via TEXT.  They will update the Membership Secretary.

We appreciate that this has been a really, really long email – but it was important to share as much information as we could.  Thanks so much for reading and see everyone at rehearsals!

Chris, Frankie and Simon

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