Gala Auditions Update

Just a quick email with a bit more information about the audition song choices.  There will be another email on Wednesday confirming the timings for Thursday and Sunday – so please keep an eye out for those!


The Gala Team

Gala Auditions – Message from Frankie

Here is the list of recommendations per audition song. Please remember that this is only a rough guide, as solos will ultimately be determined by the auditions. Massive good luck to you all!! Also remember, that if you are auditioning this Thursday, please put (Thurs) next to your name. You will also be required to do your dance audition.

Sign up for singing auditions is Tuesday 19th by9pm. If you are not able to make that rehearsal, please inform the membership secretary and a member of the creative team by 7pm.

The audition timings for Thursday and Sunday will be sent out on Wednesday 20th – so look out for them.

Good Luck

PS  – Some Enchanted Evening has been extended to the full song.  The additional pages will be available from Chris on Tuesday and Thursday.  It is worth nothing that this number may well appeal to any Mezzos/Altos who are looking for a number to showcase something for the American Classics section.


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