Gala Update – Schedule, Stage Plans and More

Hello all,

Just a quick update about the Gala – this will be the last email to the whole membership like this, from next week on, all Gala-related stuff will just go to those of you who have signed up to receive it.

Thanks for a great start to rehearsals tonight – the sound you all make is incredible!



As promised at rehearsal here are a few things to help.  Next week will see the delivery of the Word Books (in PDF form) which will hopefully help those of you who like to have the lyrics to hand, and we will have more copies of music for everyone.

Rehearsal Schedule

We cannot promise that some of the detail of this won’t change slightly as things develop – but the overall shape will not change.


Stage Plan

Here is the PDF of the stage plans for the Gala.  It might be helpful if you printed out a copy and popped it into your folder – you never know!


Sound File for Opening Medley

As promised, here is the link to the MIDI version of the Opening Medley.  It should help get used to the rhythms and feel of the piece


Email sign up  – FINAL REMINDER

If you intend to do the Gala then please do sign up to the email list by Sunday 31st January. From this date emails with essential Gala information will only go out to this email group and won’t necessarily be included in the normal newsletter. Please click on the link below:

Reminder of Absentee Process for Gala

Please note any absences in the absence book available at rehearsal or contact Rachel 07734 853
Any absences with less than 24-hours notice please contact the relevant Director by text:
–Frankie 07757 109 331
–Simon 07973 636844

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