Gala Update – Costumes and Rehearsal Update

Hello all,

Happy Friday everybody! Please find below some really important GALA updates.

Have a great weekend.


Rehearsal Schedule Reminder


There are two Tuesdays where the timings are still to be confirmed – and so to resolve this, here are the details:

Tuesday 16 Feb

7.30 – 8.20pm – For He’s Gone and Married Yum Yum – Sarah, Palli, Suzannah, Freddie, Stephen, Dennis

8.20 – 8.30pm – The Yeomen of England – Stephen

8.30 – 8.40pm – Little List – Dennis

8.45 – 10pm – When the Foeman – Sarah, Debbie, Keri, Terry

Tuesday 8 Mar

7.30 – 8.10 – Nevermind the Why and Wherefore – Suzannah, John, Andrew

8.10 – 8.40 – Strange Adventure – Victoria, Guy, Stephen

8.40 – 8.55 – Habanera – Sian

8.55 – 9.25 – Champagne Trio – Victoria, Emma, Freddie

9.25 – 9.40 – Waltz Duet – Glen and Sarah

I appreciate that this is a slight deviation from the strict G&S – Opera/Operetta section splits – but this was the best way I could find of making it work.

As ever, the rehearsals will take place in The Batt School, Witney.  Please use the main entrance and go into the quad rather than going through the Hall.

Any problems, give us a shout.

Simon & Chris

Gala Costume Requirements

Gala Dress Code

Please take time to read the attached document that explains what we have agreed as the dress code for the Gala.

If you have any questions, please drop one of the production team a note and they will be happy to help


Reminder of Absentee Process for Gala

Please note any absences in the absence book available at rehearsal or contact Rachel 07734 853
Any absences with less than 24-hours notice please contact the relevant Director by text:
–Frankie 07757 109 331
–Simon 07973 636844

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